Yippee! Another Interjection! 3/3/2020

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by Carmen Peone

An interjection is a word added to a sentence to convey an emotion or a sentiment such as surprise, disgust, joy, excitement, or enthusiasm.   

There are two main reasons to use interjections in both fiction and non-fiction: 

They are fun! 

They show a character’s emotions. And emotions keeps readers turning pages.  

Have you ever thought how many interjections you use in a day? “Oh,” “Darn!” “Shoot” “Eww!” “Mmm” I’ve used, in my head, several simply writing about them.  

I bet now you’ll start counting. Or at least giggle when you catch yourself using one. Or Two. Or… 

Check out some sounds we tend to make: 

  • Ahem - The sound of someone clearing their throat in an attempt to get your attention 
  • Aah– Used when someone is scared 
  • Oh Used when something understands what is said or an idea 
  • Eh - Used when you didn’t hear or understand what someone said 
  • Eww– Conveys dislike or disgust 
  • Hmm - Can mean you’re thinking or hesitating 
  • Jeez - Could indicate you can’t believe something or you’re exasperated 
  • Mmm – When someone likes something or thinks something tastes good 
  • Ooh-la-la - A slightly comical way to refer to something as fancy or special 
  • Pfft – Used to express or indicate a usually sudden disappearance or ending  
  • Oops - An exclamation people use when they do something by accident 
  • Phew - Expressing relief or pleasure something is over 
  • Pshaw – A meaning of disbelief or impatience  
  • Whoa - Can show surprise or amazement 
  • Yee haw - Expresses joy or happiness 
  • Yeah - Demonstrates a very strong affirmation or approval 
  • Yoo-hoo - An expression used to get someone’s attention 
  • Ahh – An expression of delight. 
  • Uhg – Used when someone is frustrated or scared 
  • Bah  – Used when someone is disappointed or irritated 
  • Grrr – An expression of anger  
  • Humph – Used when someone is disappointed or jealous

Who doesn’t use words to express themselves! Heck, I do all the time. These also elicit emotion such as joy, cranky, tired, sad, or disgusted.

Take a look at these fun exclamations we may use to express ourselves and our characters:

  • Bless you! I couldn’t have written that without you. 
  • I have to go. Cheers! 
  • Congrats! You finally ran the marathon. 
  • Sheesh! Do you ever think before you speak? 
  • Gesundheit! I hope you’re not getting sick? 
  • Good grief! Why are you wearing a tank top and shorts in this kind of weather? 
  • Holy smokes! Did you eat all the pie? 
  • Oh dear! I don’t know what to do about all these bills. 
  • Shoot! I forgot my wife‘s birthday. 
  • Well, duh! That was a stupid thing to say! 
  • Yowza! You look amazing. 
  • Hurray! You got your masters! 
  • Oh my, you may want to rethink that dress! 
  • Uh-huh, you’re not convincing me! 
  • Ha-ha, you look like a clown. Take that make-up off!

A couple of interjections on the rez (Colville Reservation) I often hear and have used in my novels:

  • Holy! What were you thinking? 
  • She’s coming through the door, ayyz!

Your turn. What are some of your favorite interjections?

About the Author:

Carmen PeoneCarmen Peone has lived in Northeast Washington and on the Colville Confederated Indian Reservation since 1988. She had worked with a Tribal Elder, Marguerite Ensminger, for three years learning the Arrow Lakes Language and various cultural traditions. She owns and trains her horses and competes in local Extreme Challenge and Mountain Trail competitions. With a degree in psychology, the thought of writing never entered her mind, until she married her husband and they moved to the reservation after college. With the love of history and western woman lifestyle, she brings stories of hope, family, relationships, and faith to her novels.

These books were a labor of love, especially the second edition of the True to Heart Trilogy. Thank you to my cover model, Shayna Palmanteer of the Colville Confederated Tribes, for your willingness to be a part of this adventure. Visit my website for information on the workbooks that go along with my young adult books at https://carmenpeone.com/books/.

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