When Do You Find the Time? 7/9/2021

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by Staci Stallings

Fall In LoveBy far the biggest question I get from my writer friends is:  “When do you find the time?”

While right now there are a lot of novellas being released which usually run around 20,000 to 40,000 words, my books tend to be…. uhm, longer, to say the least.

The one I’m working on right now actually had to be chopped into two books because when I hit page 850, I knew, it was just too long. That threw some monkey wrenches into the process because I already had all of my covers done, which meant I had to do a new cover AND renumber several covers, AND figure out where to chop the books (which isn’t at all easy when you write like I do).  UGH.  Not my idea of how I like to be productive.

But the funniest thing about this question of how I “find” the time is this…. I have NO IDEA!


Let me explain.

While most people think that a writer’s life is this idyllic existence where you awake to romantic music that just accompanies your entire life, go to the keyboard with your flowing silk robe, and quietly flood the world with amazing, awe-inspiring prose…. that is NOT how my life is.

First of all, I’m not a morning person, so that part of the dream shatters pretty completely right there. Second of all, if you were around to see my life, you would know how ridiculous that whole idyllic thing is.

For example, I have two daughters currently in college. One is about to graduate for the second time in December. That one is currently working two jobs as well. Not that I do a lot to keep her going, but keeping up with her is a challenge. The second daughter is equally busy. She’s currently holding down a perfect 4.0 not for the semester but for all of college! Let me tell you, there is more to having kids that age than just fond memories of life when they were little.

We’re constantly Facebooking each other about tests and things that need done on their house, how we’re going to get things done, etc. In fact, both of them now have parties (three of them to be exact) scheduled at my house in the next month. Oy!

Then there’s my hubby who has his own construction company. I do the bookkeeping for that, and while most of the time, that’s not a huge deal, it, too, has its moments.

THEN… there’s my wonderful, lovely, amazing 16-year-old son whose dream is to light the world. Literally.

He’s been working since April on a Christmas light show ON OUR HOUSE.  Over the last two weekends, we’ve had an army of people out here to set everything up.  (To see more about his show, you can visit:  https://www.facebook.com/TangledLights/ )  So basically I spent this last weekend, untangling lights (yes, that’s a thing when you’re dealing with 16,500+ lights!), feeding people, helping anchor snowmen to poles so they wouldn’t blow off our roof… and all in 32 degree weather!

And all of this kicks off one of my “busy seasons” — Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Parties, Christmas cards, decorations, and 2,000 people out front of my house to see the lights. Fun!

Oh, and did I also mention I’m teaching a class, getting finals ready, and trying to get my house clean for all of these parties?

I’m telling you, it can get to be rather overwhelming at times.

So, how am I going to get this current book finished, Book #4 formatted and ready to upload by Dec. 15, doing a sale next week, and putting together all of the marketing for the new release which hits the virtual shelves on Dec. 20th?  I have no idea!

I’m curious. How is your Christmas shaping up?  Busy…. or idyllically serene?  If it’s the later, can I move in with you for a month or two?  I promise, I won’t even wake you up early!  🙂


Staci Stallings
  (who needs more than 24 hours in each day!)

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