What’s Your Superpower? 2/3/2023

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by Staci Stallings

’m elbow-deep in The Imagination Series—writing Book 8 now.  Book 7 is on preorder.  Book 6 just released. So I’ve been thinking a lot about superpowers.

In the series, there are six main-ish characters. They are friends from high school. Each one has a superpower, and the idea of the series is how they each learn to use the gifts and talents that God gave them–their individual superpowers.

Now, by “superpower,” I don’t mean flying or running fast or being able to flip cars over for fun. What I mean is more mundane “powers” like writing songs and poetry, fixing up cars and doing spreadsheets. I think too many of us don’t give full credence to the things we can do that are truly special.

Sure, other people might be able to do them too. Some people might even be better at “our” thing than we are.  But I think it’s important to recognize and support each other’s best qualities. To champion them. To cheer them. To encourage them.

So it’s interesting to me that what I thought the main idea of The Imagination Series would be—that we should work to use our superpower has really taken a backseat to the theme of learning to support and encourage each other’s superpowers.

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Recently through a crazy turn of events, my niece came to live with us as she started to teach at my son’s school. She’s not teaching any of his classes, but she has some students who are in his class. When she comes home, we often talk about how things are going at the school, things we’ve noticed, or things that we see that need to be fixed. So every day we are discussing how to do the education system better. We also talk about how we can best encourage others and how too often students who have real superpowers are not encouraged in what makes them most special and so they lose that or never develop it.

Add to this that my middle daughter is now a senior in college. She is taking Sports and Exercise Science, which is heavily physical-oriented. She’s done Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Kinesiology and now Bio-Mechanics.  She will come to study a couple of times a week, and she will talk forever about getting adequate sleep or how to do an effective stretch or how to use nutrition to gain optimal health.

Then we have her boyfriend who is also in college learning music production. So he’ll be here playing beats on the midi-board and bending sound in crazy ways.

Of course, my son is the light show king, so he’s always doing some insane project like cutting 300 milk jugs and putting lights in them or reconfiguring Falcon boards to run sets of pixel lights that he’s designing.

You probably already have guessed that one of my superpowers is writing, and my husband does carpentry.

The other day my niece, who is also an artist, said, “I’ve decided I want to live in a house with geniuses. Not necessarily smart people like book smart, but people who are being creative and working together to help each other become even better at what they are good at.”

I was telling my daughter’s boyfriend about that one night, and he said, “That is so cool because that’s what your house is. Everybody comes and works on their stuff and we can go, ‘Hey, listen to this.’ Or ‘what do you think of this’ or ‘how would you say this,’ and we all are interested in what the other ones are doing.”  Then he said, “Hey, you should write a book about that, about how to do that. You could call it…. ‘Become Me.’”  HAHAHHAH!  That’s when I told him the first book in this series is literally called “Becoming Me”!

He was floored.  I thought it was funny.

Maybe life really does mirror art, or is it art mirroring life?

So I’m curious. What is your superpower?  What things do you do really well?  What do you love to do so much that you could just get lost in doing it for hours?

I’m making a list for my life class, and I’d love to include your superpower on it too! Please feel free to share and continue the conversation…

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