What I love About Christians on the Fringe by Parker J. Cole

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Parker J. Cole

In the past, I’ve made the statement that being the host of the Write Stuff show has been a rewarding experience. I cannot reiterate it enough. God has shown me how the diverse Christian family brings so much to the body of Christ.

And that includes the so-called ‘Fringe’ Christians or Christians on the Fringe.

The last several episodes of the Write Stuff we dealt with the Fourth Dimension, the nature of Angels, and more recently, Earth’s love affair with its neighbor Mars. The shows brought out a lot of things to consider as we evaluate what we think we know about God.

Christians on the fringe have what some may consider radical and unorthodox ideas about God. Let me make a statement here: Fringe Christians do not change the nature of God. They wholeheartedly accept scripture as the Word of God. They believe that salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way to God and many more ideas they hold as true and accurate. That is not the issue.

What some find odd is that these Christians push the envelope or completely obliterate it with new thoughts that mainstream, traditional Christianity have put forth. To some, they may be seen as people who are not completely stable.

However, here is what I have come to appreciate about Christians on the Fringe:

They tend to be able to reach a section of unbelievers that may not respond to traditional methods of evangelism. After all, in today’s time, not everyone is going to accept a gospel tract or go to church. Fringe Christians have a more organic way of reaching non-believers because of the very nature of their ideas.

They are dedicated to Bible study. They “eat” the word of God for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They work at understanding exactly what the Bible says and its message to the world.

They ask questions and probe to seek a deeper relationship with God. They are not interested in a warm, tepid communion with a distant God. They want to be wrapped in His arms and in worship with Him. They ask because they are hungry to know more and more about the Creator. Just when they think they’ve learned all there is, something else comes up that floors them. They probe deeper and deeper because God is not staid. He is ever new, ever glorious.

They challenge us to be more than Christians by name but followers of Christ. There is a world dying, sick and terminal without an ounce of hope. Fringe Christians see the need and they take hold of the Great Commission and run with it.

This is not to say other Christians do not do the same. There are Christians who are just as dedicated as anyone else who do not live ‘on the fringe’. But I wanted to let you know that as you hear some of the things some of these Christian brothers and sisters say, don’t immediately dismiss it. Instead, research and see if some of the things being spoken are true.

I’ve linked the shows of interest here for you to listen. I’d love to get your thoughts.

The Problem with Angels http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wluv103/2014/08/05/the-problem-with-angels–write-stuff–852014

Romancing the Red Planet http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wluv103/2014/08/12/romancing-the-red-planet–write-stuff–8122014

The Fourth Dimension http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wluv103/2014/07/15/the-fourth-dimension–write-stuff–7-15-2014

In all things, “Let brotherly love continue”. Hebrews 13:1

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