We don’t know what we want.

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by Mikayla Kayne

Yesterday my son asked me about heaven.  He said if it’s true that in Heaven we will have the desires of our hearts; what if the desire of his heart is to be with us (assuming we were not yet dead).  He wanted to know if God would “bring us” to heaven to fulfill his desire.

This was the answer God laid on my heart to give him.

Yes, in Heaven we will have the desire of our hearts.  But what is that?  We as humans think that we know what we want.  We go after goals and acquire things – education, love, wealth.  We often say “when I get ____, then I will be happy.”  Only to find that once our goal is reached, the happiness is short-lived.  We then set new goals or develop new wants, thinking again that once we attain them then we will be happy.

The truth is, true joy is found when we learn what the desire of our heart really is.  God made each of us with a built in desire to have a relationship with Him. To worship Him.  Believers and non-believers alike have the exact same desire, and no matter what earthly thing we try to substitute, nothing brings us true joy.

The people on this earth who have the most joyful hearts may not be rich by the world’s standards, but they have learned this secret – that their relationship with their Heavenly Father and spending much time in worship of Him is far more valuable and brings them lasting joy and happiness.

So in Heaven, we will surely have the desire of our hearts.  We will have all the time left in eternity to have fellowship with Him, and we will live in a state of constant worship.

Mikayla Kayne enjoys writing and performing with her husband Gregory, homeschooling their three sons, and encouraging others. She spent fifteen years in marketing and advertising before choosing to be a stay at home mom and discovered her love of writing and teaching.







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