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2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)

15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Truth matters. As Christians, how critical are we to be when it comes to novels and movies where stories of the Bible or scriptures are involved? This last week, I went to the new movie, Risen. I was so excited. The trailers looked great. The ad said; finally, Hollywood gets it right.

My friend and I left the theater feeling flat. By the way that everyone filed out of the theater as soon as it was over and not even waiting for the credits, I’d say we weren’t alone. There was no comparison with the deep felt reaction after seeing The Passion. After watching the movie, God’s Not Dead, I left feeling filled and lifted up.

Now, I didn’t go to see the movie to be a critic. I wanted more than anything to come out with a high five and give it five stars. But I can’t.

The truth does matter, especially when dealing with Biblical issues. I get that the movie was fiction. I get that it was a story about the soldier, an unbeliever. And actually, that part was good. When he met Jesus and the disciples, that’s where the story began to fall apart for me.

Truth matters even in a fictional movie. Think to the debacle of a movie, Noah, which could have just as well as been named Fred in the Flood for all its resemblance to the Bible.

In Risen, I don’t recall Jesus being referred to as the Son of God. I realize the soldier wouldn’t say it, but you’d think the disciple Peter would. When the soldier asked why the disciples followed Jesus, the answer was a picture of Jesus healing a man of leprosy. Again. Words and truth matter.

I guess this post is a challenge to all my writer friends. As we write our stories, blogs, and essays about the Lord and His Word, let’s make sure our words matter and that we rightly divide the word of truth.

* Find believing friends who will pray for you and your work.

* Start the day with prayer.

* Read the Word. I believe as writers, we will be held accountable as teachers.

* Find strong believers that will hold you accountable.

* Make your words matter and line up with the truth.

Am I saying we can only write Pollyanna stories of lollipops and sugarplums? No. As Christians, we should not be afraid to tackle the problems people are facing. Nor do I think our stories should be sermons. What I am saying; is if you do bring up the Lord or scriptures, make it accurate.

The enemy uses scripture but adds a twist or omits a few words. Words matter. To go back to the movie, Risen lacked the power it could have had. Perhaps Hollywood tore out a few words. The very words that would have given it power. But as it stands, to me, it fell flat and lifeless.

Can God still use Risen to affect those who see it? Yes, and I pray that it does cause those who see it to get closer to the Lord. My post isn’t to knock this movie. But it is a challenge for Christians to make their words count and be accurate.

So what do you think? Have you seen the movie?

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