There Was a Man Named Job by Jim Hughes

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Jim Hughes

Job 1:1 There was a man named Job who lived in the land of Uz. He was blameless, a man of complete integrity. He feared God and stayed away from evil.

Wouldn’t you like to be like Job? I know I would. Here was a man whom God declared to be blameless, a man of complete integrity. Job feared God and stayed away from evil.

What needs to happen in you in order for God to say of you that you are blameless and full of integrity? A blameless soul is one who is living totally under the righteousness of Christ. He trusts Christ alone for his salvation and strives to emulate the life of Christ. He is one who does not resist the work of the Spirit in his life to change him.

A person of integrity is consistently doing life God’s way. He is one who trustworthy. He does not waver when it comes to doing what is right before God. He can always be counted on in times of need.

Two things must happen before it can be said of us that we are blameless and a person of integrity. We must fear God and stay away from evil. One of the things that we have for the most part gotten away from is to fear God. We have lost our sense of respect and reverence for God. We have forgotten how to regard Him as holy and just. We have pasteurized God to the point where He is not much more than one of us.

Staying away from evil is not something most of us take seriously. We may not participate in it like some do, but neither do we stay away from it. We allow ourselves to be entertained by it. We do not stop ourselves from being entertained by it like we should. We let it enter into our minds and ultimately into our hearts instead of striving to stay away from it.

Let us take heed today over our souls. Let us strive to live blameless lives. Let us endeavor to be known as a people of complete integrity. Let us learn to fear God and strive to stay away from evil.

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