Thanksgiving: One Day or a Lifetime? By Lorieen D. Henry

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Lorieen Henry

Many get excited during this season because “The Holidays” are quickly approaching. Many celebrate Thanksgiving as a tradition the fourth Thursday in November to give thanks for the year’s blessings. During this time many take on a different persona becoming extra nice and overly caring until year’s end.

There is nothing wrong with making a change for better or to line up with scripture from the Holy Bible. I applaud positive change, but let us beware of our motives. Traditions are wonderful, but let us not place tradition above God. I know we set aside days for specific reasons. Nonetheless, I write to make us think. So, are our thoughts about Thanksgiving centered around one day or a lifetime?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing. In everything, give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ for you.”

According to scripture, Thanksgiving is NOT a one day celebration in November. It is to be given in everything and thus continuous. So remember to thank God daily and share His love with all continuously. Most of us become more sensitive, kind, sharing and loving on the fourth Thursday in November. My submission is that we carry all the extra love we find during “our traditional days” into our daily life.

Let’s look at Thanksgiving as a daily lifetime experience:

When we cook daily, be willing to share with someone else and if there is no one in need around us begin to pray for the homeless and hungry. As we fellowship with our friends and family, let’s make it a daily practice to pray for the elderly and the lonely. In fact, let’s incorporate visiting the elderly and visiting shelters into our weekly routines/monthly routines.

There will be some who have plenty. At the other end of the spectrum, there will be others that won’t have any. It is our duty to give thanks in all circumstances as well as pray for one another.

Heavenly Father, THE GREAT I AM, thank you for everything! Thank you for our past, our present and our future. Thank you for every blessing in our lives and help us to give you the thanks that you deserve daily. Give us a thirst for your Word and help us to apply it in our lives. As we approach the day set aside to celebrate Thanksgiving, help us not to focus on a yearly event, but a lifetime of giving you thanks. Help us commit to your Word and to serving each other daily. As we make thanksgiving a lifetime experience, let us always remember those who are less fortunate. Grant us the desire to help where we can and to pray without ceasing. Savior only you can help us get it right. It is in you that we put our trust. In Jesus name…Amen.


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