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Why Write? Hasn’t It All Been Said Already?

By Kimberly Rae When I lived in Uganda, West Africa, driving anywhere was an adventure in frustration due to the huge, sometimes car-sized potholes in the road. Sometimes it seemed better to just give up and stop trying. However, giving up meant not going anywhere. Writing is similar. There are all sorts of […]

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Does the Bible Give Submission Advice? Yes!

By Kimberly Rae So you’re a writer. When you need advice about sending out submissions, or even about writing in general, you likely look to the internet, to writer blogs, to other writers. How about the Bible? Does the Bible have anything to say that will help us be better writers and submitters? […]

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Why I’m An Abolitionist

By Amazon bestselling author Kimberly Rae The first time someone called me an abolitionist, I squirmed a little. That was a big word. A term for people like William Wilberforce or others who spent their lives delivering people from bondage. Not people like me. I just care, and am doing a tiny bit […]

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