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Book Blast: At The End Of Our Journey by JACK R EAST JR $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

At The End Of Our Journey By: JACK R EAST JR About the Book At the End of Our Journey is a personal testimony of the life and Christian faith of the author. The inspiration for the book came from two incredible and powerful dreams about Jack’s Christian faith. The dreams were experienced […]

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Meet Steve Biddison

I’m please to welcome Steve Biddison to the spotlight today.  Steve is a great guy with a big heart.  Welcome, Steve…. We’d love to know a little about who you are when you’re not writing. Although writing has been my dream since middle school, my career has mostly been defined as a basketball […]

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Step Outside

Send to Kindle By: Staci Stallings It’s truly amazing to me how God puts certain understandings in my path.  I think I see clearly what He’s doing, what He’s done, and then click a new piece falls in and “Wow!” Sometimes, there just is no other word for it. In a sermon I once heard, […]

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