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CrossReads Book Spotlight: Wooing Gertrude 9/21/2023

Send to Kindle CrossReads Book Spotlight Wooing Gertrude (Burrton Springs Brides) by Jodie Wolfe Enoch Valentine has given up finding peace for his past mistakes. He throws everything he has into being the new part-time deputy in Burrton Springs, Kansas while maintaining the foreman position at a local horse ranch. But when trouble stirs on […]

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I’m Never Doing That Again 9/15/2023

by Staci Stallings Let me be honest up-front. I don’t do deadlines. I’ve known this about myself for… well, my whole writing “career.” The thing is, I’m a journalist by trade, so you would think that deadlines would come naturally to me. Oh, how I remember the nights at the paper when I […]

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