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Excerpt from Many Strange Women by Parker J. Cole

Yesterday, I celebrated my eighth wedding anniversary. Yay me! We made it without throwing in the towel. Yahoo! Enjoy this excerpt from Many Strange Women written by…a strange woman! Mr. Greene darkened the doorway, his face as unreadable as a blank sheet of paper and yet she sensed the anger emanating from him. […]

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Sweet Read with Lots of Lessons: Hailee by Penny Zeller

Review by:  Staci Stallings Hailee by: Penny Zeller We’ve all made mistakes. I suppose we should recognize that, but sometimes jealousy and arrogance just plain blur our vision. We begin to think we have the right and the duty to judge others, to put them in their place, and to announce their transgressions […]

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Review of COWBOY (Author Staci Stallings)

by:  Michelle Sutton Cowboy. Wow! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a single mom, working your tail off to make ends meet, and then in walks Garth Brooks into your dumpy little restaurant on a slow, rainy night? He’s dressed casually and he asks you for a simple […]

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