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Staying Relevant (but keeping violence in YA fiction under control)

by Deborah Heal A Dangerous Trend I don’t believe fiction, especially Christian fiction for young people, needs gratuitous violence to make the plot exciting. I was happy to discover Wall Street Journal book reviewer Meghan Cox Gurdon and her Imprimus article, “The Case for Good Taste in Children’s Books.” In it she gives examples of […]

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Meet Grace & Faith 4U Author: Naty Matos

Good morning, everyone! Today we at Grace & Faith 4U are pleased to welcome inspirational author, Naty Matos to our humble abode.  Naty’s book “Growth Lessons” is a collection of devotionals based on her life experiences, questions from fellow Christians and the Word of God. Welcome, Naty.  We’d love to hear a little […]

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