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by BJ Robinson

To let reader’s know what I’m working on, I’m reworking Romance Under the Oaks, a Christian historical romance. If you enjoy historical romance, in the meantime, The Belle and the Officer and the Azalea Plantation Series are available for great summer reads. All are inspirational.

Excerpt for Romance Under the Oaks

A grin as wide as the Mississippi split his face, and light danced in his merry brown eyes. “I’m so glad you like it. I knew you would. The look on your face is just what I’ve been waiting to see.” 

Celina smiled and gazed at the oak alley with the white-columned antebellum home behind it. “It’s so much more than I expected in a bayou. I love it.” She squealed with delight, like an excited child opening the best birthday gift she’d ever been given.  

“Yes, she’s impressive sitting back behind an avenue of oaks. Just wait until you view the river and the boats from her wide gallery.” The steamer docked at the landing, and Jacques held her hand as she descended. 

He kept her hand tucked in his as they strolled the shady path to the manor, and Celina’s heart fluttered. She was young and in loveThe trees made the home such a river belle with their emerald green leafy skirts. Spanish moss danced in the breeze off the Mississippi. 

It was a mild spring day. The sun smiled down and warmed her face. She sat beneath the ninth oak from the Big House and enjoyed the view of the Mississippi. Sunlight sparkled on the live oak leaves. The birds were so happy they sung in glory. The world was a beautiful place. His caramel eyes were warm and inviting. His fingers laced hers. They sat together underneath the ninth oak, the tree that would become their oak. 

In the shade of the oaks, it was cooler, and the magnificent white house showcased itself behind their branches. Jacques grinned and held out a wicker basket. “I thought this would be an ideal place for a picnic under the oaks.  

He spread a blanket over the ground, helped her sit down, and blessed the food. “Let’s eat, and then I’ll take you on a grand tour.” He pulled out cold fried chicken, rolls, and fruit, but Celina couldn’t take her eyes off the house. “Eat your lunch so you can see the inside. I think you’ll be just as thrilled.”  

“I’m sure I will. Today is turning out to be an exciting one.” 

“And it’s not over yet.” He grinned between bites of chicken breast. 

Celina ate and gazed at the surrounding woods. She had to admit it was a lovely setting, but she’d have no place to shop. She sighed. No doubt the woods were full of wild animals and the water full of alligators. 

Jacques took her hand and pulled her to her feet before he kissed her beneath the ninth tree from the Big House. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him for dear life. Celina loved him with all her heart. 

Living in the bayou was going to be a challenge she hoped she could endure for the sake of the man she loved. He was so happy, and it showed. His face glowed. She couldn’t take the sunshine out of those pretty brown eyes. No way could she disappoint him. He’d worked three long, hard years to make this dream a reality. 

She clutched him like a life raft. He’d be her support. She let herself get lost in the waves of love and romance under the oaks. He gazed down into her eyes with love in his and whispered in her ear. “Let’s go see our dream house.” 

About the Author:

B. J. RobinsonB.J. Robinson is an Amazon bestselling author and writes sweet romance, historical romance, short stories, and contemporary romance for the Amazon Kindle in various genres to provide reader choice. A mother of five and grandmother of thirteen, she loves animals, flowers, and pets. Check out the selection of her work, at her Amazon page 


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