New Christian contemporary romance released 4/15/15 by B. J. Robinson

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One moonlit night eight summers ago, Callie and Connor fell deeply in love on the banks of a tranquil river. Opposite worlds collide when he asks her to marry him. Is it true, what they say, about leaving the past in the past so it can’t steal your future, or will Connor prove everyone wrong by bringing the past to life when he asks Callie to marry him?  
Separated eight long years without a word from Connor, can Callie find it in her heart to say yes a second time when he resurfaces in the life she’s made for herself. He’s hung his shingle outside a law office. She’s hung a board sign that reads Callie’s Nursery. Just when there’s a ray of hope, Connor discovers they were both adopted, and his adoptive father tells him he and Callie are sister and brother. He’s determined to find their birth parents and prove his father wrong.  
Neither lived the life they wanted together, but neither has forgotten that one moonlit night when their love and passion ran so deeply on the banks of the river, the night that changed their lives forever. The past can’t be rewritten. Time won’t stand still, but can their love overcome the past and change their future? 
Can he live life for what tomorrow may bring, forgetting what yesterday has taken, when Callie’s accident leaves her in a coma? Will the private detective Connor hired prove his father wrong? If he does, will it matter? Sometimes patients wake from a coma to live again. Connor refuses to give up on Callie. Will she get the chance to say yes again and finally wear his ring?

One Moonlite Night

 About the Author:

B. J. Robinson

B. J. Robinson writes Amazon best-selling Christian and inspirational romance from Florida. Last Resort is her debut Christian romantic suspense. Meet Me at the River is a short book of devotionals and short stories, including a story titled “Lisa Has Her Wings” inspired by her sister. She’s penned books in romantic suspense, mystery, contemporary romance, and historical romance to give her readers a selection from which to choose.

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