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Allison Kohn


Many years ago God, through the Holy Spirit, told mani how the universe came to be.

The history of man began with God. First he created the heavens and the earth. The earth was a desolate ruin with no form. The surface of the bottomless sea was hidden by darkness, and the very life breath of God warmed the top of the water, and that same God said, “Illumination arise.” God saw and was satisfied with the light and set it apart from the darkness. He named the light Day and the darkness Night: dusk and morning, the first dayii of history.

Then God told a space to rise in the center of the waters to divide the waters above from those below the space: that’s the way it was. God named this space Heaven, and dusk and dawn broke on the second day.

God also told the Water under the heaven to pile up and let the dry land appear; and that is exactly what happened. God called the places where the waters piled us Seas, and he called the dry land Earth. And he saw that they were first rate. He told the earth to give birth to grass: he told the herb to produce reproducing seed and the fruit tree to generate fruit that would beget other trees like itself. He wrote their instructions in their DNA so they would always reproduce their own kind; and he was satisfied with the result. The third day was finished.

God spoke lights in the space of heaven to separate night from day; identify seasons, days, and years; and to give light to the earth. He made the sun to rule the day and the moon and stars for night and placed them in the space of heaven. So dusk and dawn passed on the fourth day.

God also commanded the waters to bring forth life. He created the great whales along with all the abundant sea life, every creature that moves; and bountiful fowl: all with instructions written in their particular DNA for copious reproduction. God saw that this also was a job well done and blessed his work with fertile procreation. The evening and the morning ended the fifth day.

So God told the earth to bring forth the creatures, small and great; each family and class with their own instructions for propagation. God was pleased with the result and said, “Let’s make mankind in our image, to represent us, and they will have authority over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, the cattle, and other living things of the earth. So God created Homo sapiens, male and female. God gave the vegetation he created to the fish, fowl, cattle and other living things for food.

God also gave mankind instructions to reproduce in kind and blessed them to fill the earth, and be responsible for it. God was well satisfied with all of his work. The dusk fell and dawn broke on the sixth day.


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