Mother’s Day with GNFA

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The economy is still in a rough spot and you find yourself trying to find a good present for mom. Is is possible to get Mom something that she would treasure, like a good book, for very little or even free? It is possible with GNFA.

Did you buy Mom a Kindle, or an Ipad and you want to get her started with some quality books? You’re in the right place.

Right now we have 4 Books from our GNFA Authors to recommend to you.

TheRoadHomeFinal (2)


The Road Home on Sale for $2.99 (originally $4.99)










Season’s Greeting from Amelia $0.99 (originally $1.99)









Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter Free (originally $3.99)











BlessBack: Thank Those Who Shaped Your Life Free (originally $2.99 )

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