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by Mary J. Findley

Hello! I’m Mary C. Findley, author of around 30 fiction and nonfiction works in lots of genres: Historical romantic suspense, Young adult historical, contemporary suspense, Fantasy/allegorical works, and nonfiction advice about writing for indie authors and Bible students. 

Thank you for joining me on the GraceNFaith4You blog. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to tell you about an exciting new release coming soon to Findley Family Video Publications. 

The Captain’s Blade is historical romantic suspense set in the fictional world of the Realmlands. I created this world in The Baron’s Ring, and began a series I’m calling Men of the Realmlands. The Baron’s Ring was Book One, and The Captain’s Blade will be Book Two.  

Let me share a couple of reviews received by The Baron’s Ring, to set the stage for this upcoming book in the series, which should be available in ebook form within about a week.  

“I expected a trite little romance. I read a wonderful, expansive, rich telling of Truth and God’s blessing.” “A beautiful tale of faith with characters of integrity and self-sacrifice.” “An age of castles, soldiers, horses and wagons. It is written in a clean, refreshing manner.”  

The Baron’s Ring tells the story of a lost prince, Tristan, stranded for five years in a foreign village full of misery and poverty. He makes a difference there, working for his living, defeating a human trafficker, and all the while praying God will send him home to rescue his own land from his drunken, ignorant brother. But the handsome prince pays a terrible price to rescue the damsel in distress. And he’ll pay even more to save his kingdom. 

The Captain’s Blade takes up the same tale after Tristan’s disappearance from his home country. His best friend Jonathan has no hope that Tristan survived an attack at the hands of his half-mad brother, the newly-crowned king Dunstan. Jonathan has responsibilities beyond Captain of the Guard, however, when he sails on a quest to fulfil Tristan’s long-held wish: To build a navy to protect their country from pirates.  

Complications arise with that plan when Jonathan encounters an island kingdom in the grip of devilish wickedness and an exotic woman mercenary who demands information but keeps her own quest a secret. Another beautiful stranger claims she is a shipbuilder in a land where women are mere slaves and marriage chattel. The creation of that marvelous navy of three ships costs Jonathan pain and turmoil he can hardly imagine. The shipbuilder vanishes and Jonathan is nearly killed, but the warrior woman and her six soldiers for hire rescue him and beg passage home with him.  

Distrust of everything in that violent land makes him refuse her, but Jonathan will find more trouble and distress back home even amid the joy of discovering his lost friend is alive. What will happen when Jonathan sees again the beautiful mercenary his mother calls “his warrior woman?” His navy will eventually return to the country where it was born, but will it be for a rescue or a war? Jonathan thinks he is prepared for spiritual warfare but he has no inkling of the grip demons have on the island kingdom of Kolt’Kutan. 

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