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By Tralisa McNeal

Divine intervention saved me from the war I waged against myself. Somewhere along the line I vowed to get even with me for the post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression I allowed to infiltrate my life. Not to mention the fact that the pills, the alcohol and the extra marital affairs didn’t cure my condition.

Then one day in the midst of the darkness it happened just like that. Through constant prayer and meditation I found deliverance through my husband’s God. He heard my humble pleas for help and gradually delivered me from the clutches of insanity.

Too bad, it took the death of my son, cancer and Rod’s car accident before I completely surrendered to his will.  Guilt is a great deterrent and frequently reappears throwing stumbling blocks in my path. Come walk with me Stacey Jones as now my God performs miracles and removes the daily obstacles. Love Me Sane is a book about rape, redemption, forgiveness, adultery, addiction and love. The protagonist is a living testimony that all things are possible through Jesus Christ.




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