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This post is dedicated to all the writers who DON’T have family support. To those who can’t talk to their wife or spouse about books because he or she isn’t interested, doesn’t like to read, or thinks writing isn’t really work.

To those whose children constantly interrupt their train of thought. Who have to answer the phone, stop and cook the meals, or go do the laundry instead.

This post is dedicated to writers who also hold a job, who seek out thirty quiet minutes at the end of their crowded workday to put their pen to the page, their fingers to the keys, only to have someone stick their head in and need a bandage, a shoe tied, an ear to listen to their complaint.

It’s for those whose families ask for time they really can’t spare to travel to the store, the doctor, best friend Bobby’s house. For those moments when you stop writing to be a mom or dad again, knowing your offspring will never think about the scene you almost had.

It’s dedicated to those times when others don’t “get” you. When they ask why you want to write about that and roll their eyes at your answer.

It’s for everyone who writes book two when book one isn’t selling great. Who cringe inwardly whenever Successful Author #1 posts, “Look at the award I won.” Who look away from Successful Author #2’s joyful post – Oh, look! Five-star review number seventy-one!

We’ve all been there. I’ve struggled to smile when she says her husband loves her books, when he says his wife is his biggest fan. I’ve held my friends’ figurative hands, encouraging them to keep trying. And they’ve held mine. We’ve pushed through together.

To them I dedicate this post. To everyone who hungers to finish the story, but for whatever reason, for now, today, simply can’t.

We all have paths to walk, and they’re all different. My time may be freer than yours. Her books might sell better than mine. His family could be sweeter and kinder, perhaps, way more enthusiastic.

But here’s my advice: If it fulfills YOU, then don’t let anyone else tell you it doesn’t. Study your craft, get really good at it. And no matter what, never give up.

Keep writing.


Indian Summer

After long correspondence, Ona Privett accepts the marriage proposal of a man she’s never met, swept away by the beautiful words he’s written of their promising future. But when she arrives, far south at the edge of the Florida wilderness, she discovers the man she intended to marry died within weeks of their last communication.

His son, John Cole, knows nothing about their letters, any pending marriage, or why such a beautiful girl is so determined to stay. Nor does he want the responsibility of a wife, though that was his father’s wish. He likes his freedom, spending his days fending for himself, relying only on his horse and the inborne skill of his mother’s Native American ancestry.

Yet that ancestry mixes with his father’s Caucasian blood to form powerful prejudices in the townspeople. Poisonous bigotry that, despite their growing passion, continues to fuel his doubts. Perhaps, the irresponsible youth he’s been isn’t strong enough to protect her. And maybe the hatred of those around them will ultimately destroy them both.

A mail-order bride story from best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.


Suzanne WilliamsBest-selling author, Suzanne D. Williams, is a native Floridian, wife, mother, and photographer. She is the author of both nonfiction and fiction books. She writes devotionals and instructional articles for various blogs. She also does graphic design for self-publishing authors. She is co-founder of THE EDGE.

To learn more about what she’s doing and check out her extensive catalog of stories, visit or link with her on Facebook at or on Twitter at

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