Growing Use of Psychedelics in Christian Circles 7/19/2022

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Editor’s Note: The following is from Parker J. Cole’s Write Stuff Radio. Her most popular program this year.

by Parker J. Cole
On June 11, I aired a show about the growing use of psychedelics in Christian circles. I didn’t expect the kind of response I received. Some Christians were against the use of mind-altering products, while others saw no problem with them. The reason for the growing use of these drugs is to have an experience with God – to froth about in another realm of existence, to see and experience things in the natural. However, the cautionary tale is that psychedelics offer an opportunity for dark forces to influence us. They prove that spiritual warfare is real.
So, I’ve decided to share this podcast with you that I had with Linda and Rich Nathan and see the real danger in using psychedelics as a bridge to the Lord instead of a relationship through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Show Information: Psychedelics are growing in Christian circles. But are they giving believers a closer relationship with God, or tearing them further apart? Many Christians seek a deeper intimacy, but they want an experience, and not a relationship. Drugs such as marijuana, LSD, and other substances can alter the state of consciousness, giving one an experience. However, in the midst of that, we open the doorway to demonic influence. Don’t believe me? Well, listen in as I chat with former occult members and New Agers Linda and Rich Nathan as they share their knowledge about this dangerous trend. Listen in at 646-668-8485.
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