Grace, Miracles and Chocolate

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By Marriott Cole

GMC Front CoverMarriott Cole knows that sometimes it is difficult to trust God,
especially during the most challenging moments. In her memoir,
Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate, Cole chronicles a
life with more than its share of difficulties while demonstrating
how she overcame tragedy through the miracle of prayer and the
grace of God’s love.
Cole shares poignant anecdotes with accompanying Scripture,
tracing her life journey beginning with the details of her first
conversation with her birth mother. Despite the horrifying
details of her conception, Cole describes how she was eventually
led to forgiveness and to accept a second family into her heart.
As she retraces her complex life and reveals her unique problem
solving strategies, Cole details how she learned to rely on not
only her faith, but also her inner strength as she bravely faced
widowhood and the terrifying thought of raising seven children
on her own.
Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate challenges spiritual
seekers everywhere to either develop or rekindle a relationship
with Jesus Christ and to always remember that He is with us—
no matter what comes our way in life.
“This is an amazing story of God’s faithfulness, love and
incredible miracles in the life of His faithful child. … Marriott
is a real woman with real heartaches and triumphs. Her life story
will touch many, many hearts …”
– Amy McGuire, author of The Heart’s Discovery

“Captivating! Miraculous! Unbelievable! But true! Marriott’s story is
a must for anyone going through a tragedy of any kind! Her love for
God shines through nearly every page!!!” Dotti McGuinness, Future
Executive Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Besides being an author, Marriott Cole is a part-time remedial reading specialist. Other jobs have included fourth grade teaching,Nancy's portrait author central home-school evaluator, She lives within twenty minutes of her six living children and their families, and enjoys her ten grandchildren aged 15 – 4. Her hobbies include her new husband of two years, Bible study, friends and family, writing, and bridge.

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