God’s Pumpkin Patch by C.J. Peterson

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God’s pumpkin patch is full of pumpkins that are ripe and ready to harvest. He carefully picks each one at the proper time and carries them into the house to clean out. He washed off the dirt and mud from the garden to make sure the outside is clean. Then He cuts off the top, cleans out all of the things we are hiding within ourselves that we have hidden, yet they are things that will spoil us if it is not cleared out. When He is finished, he looks at the pumpkin to decide what plan He has for that particular pumpkin.


He sets up the table, and then tediously carves a work of art into the pumpkin. It’s painful as He smoothly moves over the face of the pumpkin. When He is finished with the carving, He picks a scented votive candle that complements the pumpkin, and then lights the candle.

His children ‘oooo’ and ‘ahhhh’ as they use the sense of sight to see the brightness of the light the Father has placed within the pumpkin, as well as how it shines through the stunning artwork that is the entire pumpkin. They inhale with their sense of smell the aromatic melody of the pumpkin scent as it blends with the nutmeg and cinnamon candle within it’s shell. They touch the beautiful carving in awe of what the Father has made of a simple pumpkin from His garden.

“It’s beautiful, Father!”

“Then take care of it,” the Father replies as He hands His angel the pumpkin. “Go and make sure it’s light shines in the world.”

“What happens if someone destroys the pumpkin?” The Angel apprehensively asked.

“Then bring it back to me, and I will make it another work of art. Each pumpkin in My garden has a purpose. I have made each one to be a light in this world for Me and to show My love to them.”

The Angel nods before He walks out of the Father’s house, to see hundreds of pumpkins with tiny candles that lit the path. It was then that the Angel understood how each light is used to help another, to light the path to the Father’s house.

We are created for a purpose…you are created for a purpose. Whatever has happened in your past, God can and will use you if you go to Him and allow Him to clean you and allow you to be a work of art for Him.

About the Author:

C J PetersonI was raised in a Christian military home, but it was far from tranquil. Like many young people, I left home as soon as possible, and went my own way, thinking I knew better. To me anything was better than where I was. Unfortunately, some of the choices I made led me away from the Lord, and sometimes that path was a dangerous one.
God is faithful, even when His children are lost and wandering. When I needed Him most, the Lord was there for me. He led me out of that danger and into a new life…a life where I am loved and appreciated. He taught me what ‘real love’ is, and what it’s supposed to look like through my family and wonderful husband.

Who knew that “Prince Charming” actually existed? I hoped and prayed he was out there, and I found him! He is a 24 year Navy veteran and the love of my life! With his encouragement, I rediscovered the creativity I thought I had lost a long time ago, and have begun to publish the books I have written through the years. The words in these books helped me through my struggles, and my prayer is they will help others.
The way in which I write my Christian Books, is unique to say the least. I am a realistic Christian. People are people, they stumble, they fall, they trip, but God continues to dust us off, and set us back on the path again, if we just learn to trust in Him.
The challenges faced in my past give me a perspective on the realities of living the Christian life that some people may never see. There are times we wander away from God…there are times when we draw closer to Him. In our arrogance we think we can make it on our own. However, the One who made this world, and who made you, has the answers, and thankfully, He forgives our impudence and petulance and loves us through it all. God is a God of love, mercy, grace, and guidance. He loves us and only wants the best for us.
Those who have read my books, describe them as encouraging, frustrating, and a wonderful read all at the same time. The same character that could have you crying one minute, will have you cheering the next! One of my editors, stated that ‘she was so into the story, that she forgot to edit, and had to go back to do the editing’.
I pray you will enjoy my books as well!

While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.


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