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Jim Hughes

Ps. 34:4 I prayed to the LORD, and he answered me, freeing me from all my fears.

Evidently the Psalmist, David, was going through a time of fear. He wasn’t any different than we are. He was fearful for his life. He was in the presence of a king whom he did not trust. He was sure that his life was on the line. It is good to know that we are not alone. Faith does not eliminate our fears. We do get afraid of those who would cause us harm. We do get afraid when we are faced with the reality of potential death. We do fear the unknown. We do fear illnesses and their affect on us. We do fear growing old and the uncertainities that brings with it. We do fear for our future and whether or not we will be equipped to handle it. Fear is natural and there are a lot of them. How we handle our fears is what is important. We can let our fears cripple us and keep us from living, or we can follow David’s example and give them all to the Lord.

When we take our fears to the Lord and let Him handle them, amazing things begin to happen within us. The Lord wants us to give Him our fears. He wants us to be honest enough to admit to Him that we have them. He wants us to trust Him with them. He wants to free us from them. He wants us to know the peace of heart that comes from living without fear. He wants us to be able to keep on living no matter of what may frighten us. When we take our fears to the Lord and let Him handle them, amazing things begin to happen within us.

Just like David, if you take your fears to the Lord and give them to Him, He will free you from them. You do not need to be a prisoner to your fears. You do not need to stop living because of them. The Lord will set you free from all your fears if you will but pray and give them over to Him. Wait on the Lord and He will give you the strength of heart to carry on. Rest in the Lord, and everything will be alright. You will be able to boldly face your fears with confidence and conquer them when you trust in the Lord.

It is good to fear some things. It helps us to stay away from potential harm and danger. We should pay attention to our fears and be cautious, but we should not let them cripple us and keep us from living. Let the Lord have them and He will help you.
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