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by Patricia Bell

Hi my name is Patricia Bell and recently I decided to make my own twitter exchange group. I’d been retweeting in several groups but found much of the content I was obligated to retweet to be either very dark or much too sexual. I write clean, Christian books and I wanted a platform where I could get my Novels seen by others but not compromise my values at the same time. So, as they say, if you can’t join them, make your own. (No one says that.) Anyway, so I created my own group called Christian/Cleanread Retweet group. In this group, all are welcome to post clean tweets about whatever they like. 

You may be asking what exactly a retweet group is and how it works? Well, basically it’s a way for thousands (or tens of thousands) of like-minded people to see your tweets. Each day, a thread is posted in which each person may leave a tweet link. The only requirements are, first it must be clean, and second, you must reciprocate 100%. Which means, if you post a link you must then retweet all the links posted for that day. If for some reason you are not in a tweeting mood that day, no problem, if you don’t post a link on the daily thread, you are not required to retweet that day.  

Since I am the administrator of the group, I am happy to welcome new members and get the word out to spread more clean news on the internet. If you would like to join, click the link below and I will promptly get you into the group.  

Want your #Tweet seen by a larger like-minded audience? Join the newly formed Christian/Cleanread Retweet group. We Retweet all things clean. Books, blogs, recipes, quotes…if it’s clean we will get the word out!(no ads please) Already in a #Christian or #Clean #Retweet group? It’s okay, you can never have too many. You may even meet some new people! Click below to join! #WeTweetClean

Christian Cleanread/Retweet Group 

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A Light in the Darkness

My Bio 

Patricia BellPatricia Bell is an Arizonian, who has traveled much of the world. Growing up a military brat and joining the Navy herself, at the age of eighteen, has allowed her to see many places and experience the world. She’s also served on Mission trips to Uganda, Africa, which has greatly changed her perspective on life and living.
She has since settled down and now writes YA and Mystery Novels. She is an Avid reader of Christian fiction of any kind, and sometimes dabbles into the unknown world of Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and John Grisham.
She’s married to the love of her life and has three children who are now grown and facing the world on their own. Years of raising her teenagers has given her plenty of experience in the YA realm. As a matter of fact, if you read her stories, you may glimpse some of their characteristics within.

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