Descended: Sebastian by Dana Pratola

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Men like Sebastian want only one thing, and Natalie has vowed not to give it to him. Yes, he’s gorgeous, intelligent and heroic, but he’s also a constant reminder that she isn’t good enough for him. Can she outrun a club owner who wants her dead when she’s weighed down by the failures of her past?
His whole life, Sebastian has viewed women one way – as marvelous distractions. But when Natalie enters his life, he’s forced to see the world – and women – in a new light. Teaming with Jett Cestone, they enter a world of sex traffickers to rescue young innocents. But only Natalie can rescue him and give him the one thing his heart needs.


God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and three dynamic kids, all of whom are destined to make wide, colorful splashes in this world. We live in New Jersey with our Maltese, Lola, Shih Tzu, Maggie (Magnolia) and German Shepherd, Jett. I have no hobbies to speak of, unless you include writing. I don’t.
God gave me a passion to write Christian Romance. These books don’t contain explicit sex scenes, but my characters have real desires, struggles and choices to make. A lot of the time they make the wrong ones. No subject is prohibited but good always triumphs. This is not your mother’s Christian fiction.
Dana Pratola


Spend this Christmas season with an angel (of sorts)! To enter to win a signed paperback copy of DESCENDED~Sebastian, the 2nd in the Descended series, stop by my site – – read the first chapter, and answer this question: What book is Sebastian reading in his mind on the plane? When you have it, drop me an email with the answer, or Contest in the subject line. Contest limited to the continental US, winner to be selected by Dec. 19th, Christmas delivery NOT guaranteed.
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