CrossReads Weekly Devotional: Oh How You Love Me 11/2/2020

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by Precarious Yates

In the coming days, it’s going to be super important to remember how loved we are. This was a poem I wrote in the thick of a busy schedule. God paused me and reminded me how much I am loved.

You are loved like this too!

Oh how you love me, let me count the ways!

My heart and hands compose a poem proclaiming your praise!

You fashioned galaxies, stars, constellations, 

You formed sun and moon to mark time and seasons. 

So many wonders that the facets of my imaginations 

Are filled to the brim as I observe all your reasons. 

A Garden you designed in which for me to dwell. 

And a Garden you desire for me even after ancestors fell. 

That garden is also me, and within, an enclosed well,

It bubbles forth, springs to life, as your words within me swell. 

You loved me in my darkness, enough that you reached down,

And instead of coronet of gold, you chose a thorny crown,

And hands that should be kissed instead were against wood, nail-pierced found

Now you live, and in place of shame, I’m swathed in dazzling renown. 

Instead of fighting my demons alone, I have you by my side,

Standing, kneeling, prostrate, fighting, I’m victorious and single-eyed,

You love me enough to dare me to crucify foolish pride

So that I can arise beside you, a glorious and spotless bride!

You love me when I’m forgetful or way too introspective.

You love me when I recoil too much or when I’m too combative. 

You love me enough to drown my fears so I can truly live.

You love me enough to heal my hurts and help me to forgive. 

Your love for me stretches higher than the furthest galaxy. 

Your love exposes my flaws in secret and challenges me to see

The way of love, though this world may obscure and fail to meet a need

You love me enough to make me a garden that produces the hundred-fold seed.

Your love is more faithful than sky, than sun and moon and star

With me tethered to your heart, we can bring near those who are far

And together bring healing to this world that humans consistently mar. 

You faithful kindness rewrites my past, changes my memoir.

“Mitzvah! Mitzvah!” you draw us all to higher calling.

“Be kinder than religious, but in secret, and no walling.

Come, rather, to the mountain where righteousness is falling

In cascades to the masses below whose hatreds are appalling. 

“Come partner with my justice that rolls like tides of sea

To shores of those forgotten, those destitute and weary

Those hollowed and broken people who think they’re beyond remedy.

Come display your wounds mended, declare possibility.”

And with each step forward, I’m shown wonder on wonder.

A soft grassy field for me to recline and ponder.

A warrior’s garb suitable for rending my enemy asunder.

And a banquet in your shade to satisfy all my hunger.

This banquet: upon tables flow abundance!

My cup overflows with your delight to evince

How joyously you love, how strongly you convince

That I am a princess when you are the Prince.

A geyser of life, a deluge of joy, all light and love from you does spring!

In your illumination I see the light I can also bring.

Forsaking arrogance, I can run to the exchange of worshipping,

Leaving doubtful voice, I rejoice with spirit overflowing.

Inspired by John 7, Song of Solomon 2, Psalms 23 & 36.

God bless you!

Precarious Yates

About the Author:

Precarious YatesPrecarious Yates has lived in 8 different states of the Union and 3 different countries, but currently lives in Texas with her husband, her daughter and their big dogs. When she’s not writing, she enjoys music, teaching, playing on jungle gyms, praying and reading. She holds a Masters in the art of making tea and coffee and a PhD in Slinky® disentangling.


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