CrossReads Weekly Devotional: Behold Our King 4/3/2023

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by Precarious Yates

Here He comes, the King of Kings, the King of Glory, the King of Majesty! He has more to give than we have the capacity to receive. We must be transformed to enlarge our capacity. And He will transform us to be one in Him, because only when we are one will we have the capability to receive all that He has to give. We become one not when we gaze on one another but on Him.

First, Jesus came meek and lowly. He came to a stable. He came to poverty. Then He came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Behold this Man, this Messiah, this King! As He rode into Jerusalem, He received the praise of children, knowing that if they kept silent, the very rocks would cry out. He never despised the least of these, or the praise they freely gave!

Once Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, He cleared out the place of worship so that everyone could have a chance to communicate freely with God. This was the outer court, the only place where women and foreigners could pray. Jesus came for all of us! Every single one!

He healed, He taught about a wedding feast, and he spoke plainly about who He is: One with the Father. This made leaders so angry, they called for His execution by crucifixion. 

He talked with His disciples. He spent time encouraging them. And when one betrayed Him, He still spoke with kindness. Even when He was beaten beyond recognition, He still spoke with kindness. Behold the Man (John 19:5)! Behold your King (John 19:14)! What a wonderful Savior!

When He hangs there dying and the whole world goes dark, He never pronounces a curse on us. Instead, He took the curse upon Himself, so that we can enter into His inheritance with Him (see Rom. 8:17). 

We get to enter into His inheritance! That is so much more than we have the capacity to receive! But we can receive it through the Holy Spirit and through unity. 

His death guaranteed our forgiveness. His resurrection guaranteed our life in Him and our inheritance beside Him. 

Happy Resurrection Day!

Blessings to you!

Precarious Yates

About the Author:

Precarious YatesPrecarious Yates has lived in 8 different states of the Union and 3 different countries, but currently lives in Texas with her husband, her daughter and their big dogs. When she’s not writing, she enjoys music, teaching, playing on jungle gyms, praying and reading. She holds a Masters in the art of making tea and coffee and a PhD in Slinky® disentangling.


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