CrossReads Short Takes: Alaska’s Firy & Tapping Into The Anointing Of God 9/7/2022

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CrossReads Short Takes

Alaska’s Firy

Tough Times Tougher People

(My Mama’s Mama Book 1)

by Cheryle Coapstick

Alaska's Firy

Mama said to love Bozhe and do what’s right. How could she?
Glaphira (Firy) Oskolkoff buried the confusion of her biracial heritage — Russian, Yupik, possibly white. Firy didn’t fit in a segregated Sitka, Alaska.Childhood losses and pain caused her to seek a safe, uneventful life. Her desire for predictable, peaceful times was doomed. Still, she tried to live by Mama’s words, “Love Bozhe and do what’s right.”The black and white Movietonews reports shown at the local theater made the war in Europe and even the South Pacific seem far away, unreal. Then the enemy invaded Alaska. It was thought the Japanese Navy would cross the Gulf of Alaska and attack Sitka. To Firy, the more immediate danger was the thousands of American servicemen pouring into Sitka. She must protect her sisters and herself.Amid her fears and anxieties about the war, Firy had other concerns. Ever since Papa Bill had married Mama, he and his cronies from the Sitka Café decided they had the right to interfere in her life. They thought they were doing the right thing. Crazy old coots. She could take care of herself, thank you very much.


Tapping Into The Anointing Of God

The Mighty Presence And Power Of God To Accomplish The Will Of God

by Sheldon D. Newton

Tapping Into The Anointing Of God
DO YOU WANT A STRONGER ANOINTING IN YOUR LIFE & MINISTRY? When His Presence and power is active in our lives miraculous things take place. His anointing is available is bring healing to the sick; deliverance to the captives; wholeness to the broken-hearted and salvation to the lost. Learn how to tap into the anointing of God and be transformed from the inside out. Let His power flow through you through gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, bringing help, healing and hope to others. God desires to use you for His honor and glory. He wants you to walk with Him and to minister to others in Jesus Name, experiencing His holy power as He moves in mighty ways, destroying the yokes of bondage. Get this life-changing book and learn how to tap into God’s anointing today.
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