CrossReads Short Takes: Hell Is For Real & Fire Within

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CrossReads Short Takes

Hell Is For Real

One Man’s Terrifying Journey

by Michael Yeager

Hell Is For Real

If you dare, open the pages of this book and enter into a world that is more horrifying then the human mind can ever imagine. As you read Mike Yeager’s over 2 hour experience of going to hell, do not be surprised, if what he felt, saw, and experienced does not begin to happen to you.

Discover why God created such a place; it’s eternal ramifications, and what its ultimate purpose is. Many people have had asked, why hell? Most of these questions Dr. Yeager will answer in this book.

This book also includes testimonies of those who have been influenced by Mikes experience.

Also included / My JOURNEY To HELL: A Graphic Illustrated Experience of HELL





Fire Within

31 life lessons on evangelism, discipleship and the gospel

by Jesse Eisenhour

Fire Within

Fire Within is a devotional/collection of stories based on Jesse Eisenhour’s experience as a street evangelist with Time to Revive. He has been sharing the gospel in cities across the country by simply asking people, “How can I pray for you?” And now Jesse Eisenhour wants you to find the fire within yourself to reach out to your neighborhood, coworkers, or strangers and start sharing the gospel.

If you’ve ever struggled with how to make evangelism a part of your daily life, “Fire Within” will help give you a clear picture of what a lifestyle of evangelism could look like. But beware! Reading this book might change your life FOREVER!

“Is there anything or anyone that would keep you from accepting the free gift of life in Jesus today?”


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