CrossReads Short Takes Wounded Warrior – Wounded Hearts & A Prescription for Beauty

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CrossReads Short Takes

Wounded Warrior – Wounded Hearts

(Healing Hearts Book 1)

by Peggy McGee

Wounded Warrior - Wounded Hearts

Kim Campbell accomplished her dreams of becoming a lawyer in New York City, but her past secrets continued to haunt her privately, particularly in relationships. When she was assigned to defend a brute in a similar case that traumatized her as a child, it turned her world upside down.
Coop Yankton, a wounded warrior, just returned from his military tour injured and with PTSD. While visiting her Aunt Nell in Colorado over Christmas, Kim was involved in a baffling incident while caught in a snowstorm which brought back lingering memories. Troubled, she desired answers to her past, but could Coop be the one to give them to her?
This is a novel depicting two different victims who must overcome challenges through mysterious means, to resolve issues of the past to be able to seek love and a promising future.





A Prescription for Beauty

(A Dose of Love Book 3)

by Jill Boyce

A Prescription for Beauty

Dr. Marley Bakersfield likes her life the way it is. She enjoys black coffee, long runs, and avoiding all things baked or sugary. Plus, she has a wonderful best friend and a great job. Working for the premier plastic surgery group in Washington D.C., Marley is close to becoming a partner—a longtime dream. She finds joy in building her patient’s self-esteem and understands how insecurity feels. She suffered an accident as a child that left more than physical scars. Marley’s never seen herself as beautiful, a fact not helped by the other kids in school. The pain of her past chased Marley away from her hometown of Blackstone Haven, but a family emergency forces her to return home for several weeks. Unfortunately, that means seeing the people she ran away from years ago, especially her childhood bully, Stacey Blackstone.

Benjamin Miller, a professionally trained patisserie chef, planned to work in a top New York restaurant once finishing culinary school. Instead, he came home to help his sick mother with the family bakery. After her passing, Benjamin inherited the business along with the mountain of debt it had accrued. Now, he must find a way to salvage the bakery or decide to sell it and leave Blackstone Haven. This choice becomes more complicated when the girl who’d captured his heart as a child—Marley Bakersfield–returns to town.

Will Marley and Benjamin let a New Year’s Eve baking competition, the town’s Valentine’s Day dance, and Blackstone Haven bring them together? Does Benjamin have any hope of saving his mother’s bakery? Will they open their hearts to the possibility of love? Can Marley release her pain and self-doubt about the past and realize God can heal her heart and give her a wonderful gift—His love. Maybe then she will understand if she abides in it, she’ll always feel beautiful.


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