CrossReads Short Takes: Without a Dream & Kiss and ’Telle?

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CrossReads Short Takes

Without a Dream

(Another Chance Book 2)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Without a Dream

Brandon McAllister has fallen hard for Leslie Baggett and she for him, but Leslie’s mother moved her family from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Dallas, Texas, and keeping in touch becomes hard. According to their agreement, Brandon goes to Dallas for Leslie’s junior prom, but Leslie doesn’t come to his senior one the next year. A confusing, vague letter gives little information. The series of events to come next leaves them both reeling. How do you face a future when all your hopes and dreams have been shattered?





Kiss and ’Telle

by Nadine C. Keels

Kiss and ’Telle

If only this type of thing were as easy as it looks in chick flicks.

Ever since her college days, Chantelle has had growing feelings for Dennis, a swaggering and smart geek-at-heart who’s got romance coming out of his ears. At least, he talks as if he’s mastered the art of dating, but how would Chantelle know if it’s true? She’s never gotten to experience Dennis as anything more than a close friend.

But wait! A huge opportunity comes along that could impact both their personal and professional lives. This may lead to the perfect time for Chantelle to tell Dennis what he means to her.

It may also be time for some of Chantelle’s own words about love to come back to bite her.


This contemporary romance features characters who first appeared in Hope Unashamed, the sequel to Love Unfeigned. Enjoy a bonus excerpt at the end of the story.


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