CrossReads Short Takes Upside-Down Cakes by Dana & For Love’s Sake 8/16/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Upside-Down Cakes by Dana 

Old Timey Holiday Kitchen Book 21

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Upside-Down Cakes by Dana

When Dana Field’s father died, leaving her all alone, she talked the new farmer in the area and his mother into letting her work on their farm. He needed the help, she needed to stay busy, and her cake baking didn’t fill enough of her time. However, many of the townspeople didn’t think it was a proper task for an unmarried woman. Then the vandalism started and escalated. Was it directed against the Polish family she worked for or her, and could it be one of the men who suddenly wanted to court her?





For Love’s Sake

A Historical Christian Romance

For Love's Sake


It sounds so simple, yet rarely does it turn out to be that way.

From USA Today Best Selling Contemporary Christian Romance Author, Staci Stallings, comes a historical novel about love, acceptance, hope, and the battle for good we are all in regardless of time and place…

At only 19, Bryna Elliott seems to have little control over the circumstances of her life. With her parents gone, she is relegated to running the household and trying to stay in the good graces of her obstinate, disrespectful brother. But when a long-lost neighbor comes back to town, Bryna’s life might be about to change for the better. If only she can learn how not to be herself…

Daniel Brody, a young man steeped in society’s finer points, finds himself in the midst of a romance he neither expected nor wanted to happen. However, the sister of the young lawyer handling his affairs upon his return to his mother’s childhood home soon proves intriguing beyond rationality. Unfortunately, she is as her brother often points out “uncontrollable” especially when love for those in her charge comes into question. Can Daniel hope to bring this headstrong young woman back under the constrictions of society, or is his life destined to be turned upside down by her willful determination to live only for love’s sake?

Set in the pre-Civil War south, “For Love’s Sake” takes the reader on a journey to discover the courage it takes to truly live a life of love for others. The Christian message of not letting the world tell you what is and isn’t proper when love is involved will inspire the reader to reconsider what love means in their own lives. Come along for the journey, you just might find that love means more than you ever imagined.


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