CrossReads Short Takes: Unexpected & Love the Lord Your God with all your heart

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CrossReads Short Takes


by Janice Cole Hopkins


Oliver Hartsell had no idea when he went to repair Mr. Austin’s windows that he’d end up proposing to the man’s daughter, but that’s exactly what happened. He didn’t regret it because he’d been secretly in love with Marie for a long time. However, he doubts she feels the same way about him, but he’s determined that she will. Yet, life has a way of throwing unexpected surprises.





Love the Lord Your God with all your heart

(The Cooper Family Book 1)

by Anne Perreault

Love the Lord Your God

AJ Carter lives in a recurring nightmare. On the outside, her family are model citizens, outstanding Christians. There is a lot more going on under the surface than anybody, except for her best friend, knows. She has been a Christian all her life. But God… she feels that He’s just not interested in what happens in her life.

Mac Cooper has his own battles to fight. He has learned that he can’t fight them alone, that he needs help from the Lord. When he is given an opportunity to help AJ out, he finds himself very intrigued by her. But will God help him earn her trust? And perhaps her love?


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