CrossReads Short Takes: U.S. Marine Vietnam Sacrifice & Living in God’s Now 6/19/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

U.S. Marine Vietnam Sacrifice

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

U.S. Marine Vietnam Sacrifice

U.S. Marine Vietnam Sacrifice is a memoir by Raymond Isaac Lindsey, a Vietnam veteran, of his experiences after the war, written by his wife, Crystal Mary Lindsey. At nineteen, Raymond (Ray) fought in the Vietnam War against children recruited by the Viet Cong. The experience left him with physical and mental injuries. His therapy and treatment in Japan caused more harm, and when he returned home, he experienced symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite having a loving family and friends, Ray felt like he was in another world most of the time, which affected his relationships. He could not sleep because of his narcolepsy, and when he finally closed his eyes, he had nightmares. Ray eventually met Crystal, an Australian nurse whose father had experienced PTSD. The two fell in love, and she brought light into his dark life and helped him confront his demons.

Ray’s story is an emotional tale that raises awareness about PTSD. The book highlights symptoms of PTSD, which include anxiety, mood swings, depression, and sensitivity to sounds and smells. Ray experienced all these and more but did not let them defeat him. U.S. Marine Vietnam Sacrifice is non-linear, but it is easy to follow. It contains flashbacks from Ray’s life before the war and the circumstances that led him to join the military. His sense of adventure and freedom was short-lived, and I felt terrible for him. I loved his diligence in trying to recover. He tried many activities like motorcycling, painting, playing golf, and joining singles groups to cope with his trauma. Most people experiencing depression and anxiety fail to try and end up committing suicide or being consumed by the darkness. The book is well written and organized, with pictures of Ray and a consistent format. The picture of the military boots and helmet at the beginning of every chapter was a nice touch. Crystal Mary Lindsey wrote passionately, and I appreciate her sharing Ray’s story with the world.





Living In God’s Now!:

Understanding the Immediate Nature of God!

by Timothy Williams

Living In God's Now

In a world bound by the ticking of clocks, where prayers are often viewed through the lens of future expectations, Dr. Timothy M. Williams Sr invites you into a transformative exploration of God’s timeless “Now.” In “Living in God’s Now,” he shares revelations that break the shackles of temporal thinking, offering insights into the immediate nature of God.

Living in God’s Now challenges the misconception that God operates within the confines of human time. Dr. Williams draws on biblical truths and personal experiences to reveal a reality where past, present, and future coalesce in the divine “Now.” Dr Williams explains,”When we acknowledge God as the source and standard of truth, we believe what God says is true simply because it is His spiritual reality. Embracing God’s truth in our hearts allows our natural reality to become our spiritual reality! Let the Holy Spirit help you embrace these truths”

Discover the seed of revelation that can change generations. As the Church undergoes transformation, understanding and embracing God’s Now is a key. Begin your journey into God’s Now and witness the profound changes it can bring to your life and to the Church. Living in God’s Now is more than a book; it’s an invitation to step out of the constraints of time and into the boundless “Now” of God’s presence. Open these pages, and let the transformation begin.



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