CrossReads Short Takes: The Way To Victory & Living The Overcoming Life

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Way To Victory

Invisible Battles And Invisible Enemies

Overcome Your Struggle And Receive Deliverance

(Héritage Book 2)

by David Azize Adeshakin Aikou

The Way To Victory Invisible Battles And Invisible Ennemies

After long suffering from continual oppression in his body and soul, David Azize Adeshakin sought solutions through prayer and the ministry of the word of God without any satisfaction. The powers in front used strategies and malice towards him and his relatives. David had long been oppressed and subjected to various temptations. He was looking for a solution but did not know who could help him. His only help was the Bible that he saw one day open in a vision and a great light came out. He knew since then that his solution should certainly be in that book called the Bible and that the light he needed to be completely free was also there. David Azize Adeshakin is one of the men who have been tested and tempted from all sides. Today this book is the result of long years spent in the study of the Bible, in the preaching of the gospel but also in the hours of teaching received from the Spirit of God for the perfecting of the saints. David Azize Adeshakin Aikou is a man whose faith has been seriously tested. Born of deeply idolatrous parents, his early Christian years were successive persecutions, rejections, and various kinds of temptations to make him leave the faith and go back to the world. Today David Azize Adeshakin, is an evangelist and one of the few men of God who continue to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Christ in its simplicity by the grace of the Lord Jesus. This book comes to answer all the sighs, the tears, the groans, the prayers which remained without answers and to all the sufferings and diseases in which the world sighs while awaiting the revelation of the children of God. Finally, exceptional revelations and directions from the Spirit of God for your edification. The simplicity of these writings will help you easily understand the truth that is revealed there. You will be able to use these essential keys to victory in your own life and in your business. In front of every challenge of life, there is a precious answer from God to help you overcome and you will be victorious. Believe in this good news revealed in this book for a perfect revolution and restoration in your life. It’s time to embark for the victory.





Living The Overcoming Life

Practical Principles for Overcoming Life’s Challenges

by Richardson George

Living The Overcoming Life

This book is about what you can do. You can live an overcoming life. In fact, everybody can overcome and that certainly includes you. The truth is that God created you to be an overcomer. To believe otherwise is to concede defeat before you even begin the journey to the overcoming life. The journey of life certainly presents many challenges, some of which seem impassible and insurmountable. Many of life’s challenges are unexpected and most certainly unwelcome, yet they form part of the inescapable reality of the human experience. Hurdles and obstacles in life abound and are inevitable, but is it possible for you to overcome these unavoidable difficulties?

This book presents practical principles for overcoming life’s many challenges drawn from the life of Jesus Christ who is indeed the quintessential (best example of an) overcomer. It addresses many real life issues such as rejection, misunderstanding, waiting, stagnation, betrayal, false accusations, negative thinking, a death threat and other issues that Jesus encountered and overcame. It is noteworthy that Jesus encountered various serious challenges from the womb to the tomb literally speaking. Nevertheless, He faced them head on and emerged an overcomer at the end of every encounter. To do this, Jesus did not draw on His divinity to overcome but utilized principles that we human beings can apply and experience similar results as He did. Indeed we can learn a great deal from the life of Jesus Christ as He faced trials and temptations common to man, but without succumbing to them as people often do.

This book examines episodes from the life of Jesus Christ with the aim of extracting practical principles that we can apply when we face our own trials and temptations that test our ability to overcome. It is with full confidence in your ability to overcome life’s challenges that I present this book to you.


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