CrossReads Short Takes: The Storming of Blackstone Castle & Job’s Victories 8/23/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Storming of Blackstone Castle

(War of the Nephilim Book 2)

by Tripp Berry

The Storming of Blackstone Castle

How do you break into the strongest, darkest, deadliest castle on God’s green creation to reach someone you love, and how do you get back out again?

In The Woodbender, the White Spiders attacked Blacktree and took Anna. They attacked Fallingwater, where Kenan learned about God and used it to defend his friends. And the White Spiders left behind a survivor who revealed to Kenan, Lidai, and Wren something important: Anna was alive.

Join these youth from Blacktree as they join mentors, friends, and a rambunctious raccoon on a perilous journey through the Dragongrass, down the Morderain River, and to the bowels of Midreer. In the city of Mordeen, where Prince Gharan rules with a clenched fist, the Edeerians must assimilate into a strange culture, evade being caught by searching patrols, and figure out how to storm Blackstone Castle.

Step back into history, before the Tower of Babel, before the Flood, to a time of lush greenery, giant animals, and roving danger. Just keep an eye on your breakfast around that raccoon. Read The Storming of Blackstone Castle, today!






inspirations for overcoming trials

by Jim H. Darnell Jr.


The tragedy is broken into 224 unique positive devotionals. Each segment focuses on healing, a new way of thinking, and how to discover God’s thrill along the way.

Job’s Devotionals are for those who long to be made new through suffering and rise in victory.

God is extremely excited about the life of the one who suffers greatly. While the types of trials vary greatly, the healing process is consistently the same. With each step in the right direction, God warms with love and speaks wonders that invigorates. The transformation replaces the feeling of loss with love, His vision, and a stunning awe of God. Job’s story is heart-wrenching, telling of losing His children, wealth, wife, and honor only to be replaced with shame, much criticism, mockery, bullied, poverty, extreme pain, hopelessness, being despised by his wife, and horrified by his fears.

Born in Dallas, Jim spent his childhood in West Africa as a missionary kid. Jim has pastored three churches and serves as a missionary to Ivory Coast. A teacher of 23 years in math, French, and Spanish. His university degrees are a BS in Mathematics, a Master of Divinity, a Master of Secondary Education, and a Master of Educational Technology.

Rev. Dawn Renee Darnell is a globally recognized photographer and artist. Ms. Darnell has art exhibits in galleries in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, the United States, Expo Metro, and Art Basel. She has won 11 international photography awards. Mrs. Darnell has been honored in Marquis Who’s Who, Marquis Top Professional, and in the Millennium Magazine. She is a member and Juror of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), which judges the Communicator, Davey, and w3 awards.

Together, Jim and Dawn Renee have won 23 book awards


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