CrossReads Short Takes: The Chaplain’s Daughter & Journey To Forgiveness

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Chaplain’s Daughter

(Sons of the Shenandoah Book 2)

by Kathleen L. Maher

The Chaplain's Daughter

A feisty army laundress must disarm a grieving Confederate captain’s pride to win his heart.

A minister’s daughter abandoned during war must rely on faith to survive. A wounded widower feels God has forsaken him. Will her devout care bring medicine to his soul or rub salt in his wounds?
Ellen White is assigned to attend a debilitated artillery captain after the Battle of Second Manassas. She offers God’s strength, but Gideon Sharpe would rather rely on his own. He would prove himself devoted to his motherless infant daughters, the sort of father he never had.
Ellen longs for the security of a home and to feel cherished. Can a jaded and broken man be God’s plan to fulfill her fondest hopes?





Journey To Forgiveness

by Laurean Brooks

Journey To Forgiveness

It’s 1938 and times are hard. The Great Depression strikes the South, forcing many residents to sell their farms. When boll weevils infest her family’s cotton crop, Jenny Largent must move to Chicago to find work to support her family.

At the Kankakee depot along the way, Jenny confronts a tall handsome stranger after he runs off with vanity case. She retrieves her case, but this same man surprises her when he takes the pulpit in her aunt’s church to coerce the congregation to give to his “worthy cause.” Tornadoes struck a small Illinois town, leaving it in ruins. Austin Brady pleads for money from the church to rebuild South Pekin. When he asks for volunteers to join a 12-day mission trip to the stricken area, Jenny signs up, but only to expose Austin. When she has proof, the world will know the truth.

When Austin lifts a large roll of money from the mission strongbox, Jenny has the evidence. So why doesn’t she report him? Has this charming man with the periwinkle eyes mesmerized her? At the sight of him, her heart races. Is Jenny hopelessly in love with a thief?. But he’s an embezzler! She will not compromise her convictions by joining herself to a man who lacks any. Or…will she?

Jenny’s abusive father left her with emotional scars before he deserted the family fours years ago. She’s vowed never to marry. Until she falls for Austin. Will Jenny obey God’s nudging to reconcile with her estranged father?

Will she ask Austin the tough questions that will ultimately make or break their relationship?


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