CrossReads Short Takes: The Adventures of a Thief and a Princess & Enthroned In Majesty

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CrossReads Short Takes

The Adventures of a Thief and a Princess

(Adventure Series Book 1)

by Bryan Powell

The Adventures of a Thief and a Princess

He was a thief, she was a princess but Fate brought them together.

Shanghaied, Shipwrecked, and Stranded on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Aditya and Mia face an uncertain future. Desperate to return to their families, they strike out on a journey across Madagascar and up the east coast of Africa. Along the way, they are joined by a pirate, a runaway slave, and two brothers. However, the secret each of them carries soon threatens to tear them apart before they reached their destination. Faced with adversity from within and without, the four bedraggled strangers learn to overlook each other’s faults and discover the true meaning of love and forgiveness.






Enthroned In Majesty

by Prince Bradford

Enthroned In Majesty
Enthroned In Majesty is a book of poems, prose and verses written in free style that is aimed at placing focus on the Lord God. The book focuses on who the Lord God declares himself to be and seek to highlight the reality of his existence. It is also a book about the joys purchased by Jesus Christ when he died to purchase mans’s salvation and this joy is presently being experienced by Christians. The Lord God is presented as the greatest being who exist in the universe.A Tribute to the Almighty GodA Tribute to The Almighty GodThe greatest of human philosophers cannot prove by reasoning that you existAnd yet nature testifies that you are realYou are not a magic potionStill you are the all sufficient one for those that trust youYou are not a charm or amuletBut you banish all darkness, fear and evilYou cannot be inhaled, absorbed, digested, ingested or given intravenouslyYet you empower man’s total being with strengthYou cannot be seen, touched, heard, tasted or smeltAnd yet you…..Are seen through the eyes of understandingTouched by faith that brings about wholenessTasted through digestion of your words which is sweetHeard as you impress your word upon the heartSmelt as the heart ponders your awesomenessThose that mock you in lifeTremble at the thought of meeting you at deathThose who are persecuted because of youEndure such persecution with gladness and joyFor you control the forces of natureAnd uses them to accomplish your purposeWhen other need multiple gods to satisfy their needsYou surpass all any man can ever need and moreYou are so great no one name adequately describe youEl Elyon, El Shaddai, El Olam, Adanoi, Yahweh, Jehovah and moreEl Shaddai – the breasted one, the all sufficient oneEl Elyon- the strong one, the mighty oneEl Olam- the eternal one, the everlasting oneAdoni- my owner, my master, my lordYHWH- the unmentionable nameJehovah- the eternal self-existing one and moreYou are the Almighty one, the great creator, Lord of allYou are the most powerful, most magnificent, most glorious being in the universeYou are The Almighty God
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