CrossReads Short Takes: Stir Yourself Up & Southern Belles 9/15/2021

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CrossReads Short Takes

Stir Yourself Up

Rekindling Your Passion and Fire For The Lord

by Sheldon Newton

Stir Yourself Up


Are you struggling in your walk with the Lord? Perhaps you are a minister who has been preaching and teaching His Word for years, and now you feel weary, depressed, frustrated and burnt-out. Maybe you are one who – at one time – was on fire for the Lord, but now your walk has come to a stand-still. Then again, perhaps you have been going through all sorts of hardships, trials and difficulties which has distracted you from spending time with Jesus like you used to. Issues came up and now your spiritual life is not what it used to be. Church has become boring. Reading your Bible daily has become dull and uninteresting. You don’t pray like you used to, fast like you used to. You have become fearful in sharing your faith and lettings others know that you are a christian. Regardless of the reason you may have lost your hunger and fire for the Lord, it’s time to get your passion and zeal back for the things of God. And this book will stir you up and show you how to fall in love with Jesus all over again. Get your copy now and “GET STIRRED UP!”





Southern Belles

(Cactus Creek Book 5)

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Southern Belles

Joanna Dobson comes to stay at the King Ranch because Magnolia, her mother, was Abby King’s cousin. Joanna is immediately interested in Grayson Fox, but the recent death of his parents has him questioning if he ever wants to marry. In the meantime, Adele Mead is caught in a rough situation in Maryland. When she rescues a hurt man, she falls hard for him, but she has a difficult time convincing him he’s the right man for her, although she knows he cares for her. When she does, they must flee, and they head West toward Cactus Creek. As these stories merge, can they all find the happiness they so desperately long for in the aftermath of the Civil War?


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