CrossReads Short Takes: Son Source & Vietnam and Christianity

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CrossReads Short Takes

Son Source

An inspirational bookplot about the infinite good

by Charles Lesowske

Son Source

Son Source was a catchy business name and lined up with Zach Slenski’s mission to save the planet. After Sunlyndra a solar panel company in Oregon bilked the federal government out of 500 million dollars American’s had a bad taste for solar energy.Zach was about to put the green deal back on track with his new quad solar panels but needed venture capital. He’d spent almost five years and all his family savings on research and development. Just getting a meeting with an investment group for an upstart solar company was next to impossible. Mr. Philip Rubin and seven members of his WWO group fully understood that good clean renewable energy would be a threat to OPEC’s oil exports. A blackmail plan was put in place that could give Zach, Sally and their two children enough money to do most anything and repay their college fund.Sally would be able to help Pastor Tom grow his congregation into an online meg-a-church. Her natural beauty was a gift and her calling was to be an outward example of a blessed family. She was unaware that Zach opened a private business account under the name Sun Source. It was one of the conditions of doing a consulting project with a consortium of Muslim elders. Eventually Zach balked on the blackmail scheme so Mr. Rubin released one of his evil associates onto the Slenski’s seven year old daughter. Now, the perfect Christian family image was being tested like gold to a fire. A special young lady enlightens the few remaining Son Source employees with a song and a dance after the mysterious death of her dad. Sometimes the sins of a father don’t die.




Vietnam and Christianity

A Vietnam Veteran’s Transformation from Army Soldier to Warrior of God

by Don Boudreaux

Vietnam and Christianity

The Lord works providentially in all things, even the most negative experiences imaginable—including war. Don Boudreaux joined the military at seventeen-years-old and went to fight in Vietnam at eighteen, where he experienced combat for almost a year before being severely wounded. Becoming a Christian seven years later, Don began questioning God about the purpose in sending him to war. God answered: I sent you to war so you could become a spiritual warrior.

Don has committed his life to fighting the good fight of faith and being a spiritual warrior, and he shares his journey in Vietnam and Christianity. He brilliantly correlates his experiences in Vietnam to specific Scriptures, encouraging readers to live as a believer in Christ and to fight courageously against attacks from Satan. Whether discussing artillery and helicopters or food rations and insects, he intertwines God’s Word, leaving you filled with hope and ready to take the offense in spiritual warfare. He also boldly introduces prophetic ministry and other spiritual gifts to embolden you to step out in faith and become warriors for Christ.


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