CrossReads Short Takes: Silver Rain & Priscilla 4/17/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

Silver Rain

A Young Adult Contemporary Christian Romance

by Staci Stallings

Silver Rain

Leigh Chandler’s life has been turned upside down. Her father’s unexpected death and her mother’s spiral into a dark depression left her with few options that weren’t filled with sorrow, fear, and grief. No longer wanting the burden of her daughter, Leigh’s mother sends her all the way across the country to live with her aunt. No sooner has she arrived in California than she finds herself following a cousin she hardly knows to college in Texas. Can life get anymore complicated? Leigh is about to find out.

A stand-alone Contemporary Christian Romance novel, Silver Rain takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, loss, and healing. One young woman’s journey teaches that life sometimes has a strange way of working out for the good even in the midst of overwhelming pain and sorrow. It’s a journey you won’t soon forget.







Runaway Brides Of The West
Book 4
by Paulette D. Marshall
After Priscilla’s father passed away, her brother decided to arrange her marriage for her. He informs her of the upcoming wedding. Priscilla is not happy with her brother’s choice of husband. She tries to go through with the wedding. She makes it down the aisle but the next thing she knows is that she is running. Why did she run? Will Curtis let her go? Where will she go? How will she live? Will Curtis follow her and try to get her back? Will she find happiness or despair?
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  1. CrossReads Short Takes: Silver Rain & Priscilla 4/17/2024

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