CrossReads Short Takes: Servants and Spies & On the Shelf

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CrossReads Short Takes

Servants & Spies

Exploits from the Covert Mission Field

by Mike Kastle

Servants and Spies

GOD HAS A PLAN FOR US. He has already placed it deep in our hearts and has set it into motion. As we yield to Him and step out in faith, He will amaze us as to what we can do together with Him. Servants & Spies highlights the key steps for us to take as we move into the fullness of His plan for our lives.

In this book, Kastle details the gripping story of his journey from corporate America to the covert mission field that will both inform and inspire you in new ways. From riveting run-ins with foreign powers to firsthand accounts of modern miracles, Servants & Spies will grip you from cover to cover!

“Servants & Spies reads like a thrilling novel. What you spend to purchase this book will quadruple in value with each page you read.” —DON MILAM, Acquisitions Consultant, Whitaker House






On The Shelf

Will It Ever Be My Turn?

by Ayesha May

On The Shelf

On the Shelf is a devotional for women that have been rejected or not chosen in some sphere of life. Inspired by the ancient phrase, this book explores the reasons that we put things and people on shelves today and relates these reasons to the struggles that women experience when they feel overlooked. Along with Bible readings and reflections, the forty chapters offer many prompts to facilitate introspection, growth and healing.


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