CrossReads Short Takes: See Jerusalem and Bethany & Not What He Ordered

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CrossReads Short Takes

See Jerusalem and Bethany

by Chelsea Kong

See Jerusalem and Bethany

An unexpected exciting spiritual journey that makes you feel at home. Walk in the steps of Jesus when He traveled the Old City Jerusalem! Have you desired your child or children to go to Jerusalem and Bethany? Jerusalem is the only city God said that belongs to Him. Israel is the apple of His eye. This book is filled with photos taken in Jerusalem and Bethany and opens the way for understanding the importance of each place. It put a desire in their heart to want to travel there.





Not What He Ordered

When Carrie Franklin struggles with a drunk, leaving him unconscious, or perhaps dead, she flees. Forgetting the promise to her deceased mother she deserts her feckless brother and takes the train to Abilene, Texas.

Carrie shares a seat with Molly, who confides she’s a Mail Order Bride enroute to meet her fiancé. Molly’s friend was set to join her in this adventure. Bus suspicion made Katy Davis back out of her betrothal. Because Carrie will disembark in Abilene, Molly asks her to explain Katy’s absence to the waiting ranch owner, Josh Kramer.

Due to miscommunication, interruptions, and an empty purse, Carrie, seated beside Josh, heads to the ranch under his assumption she is Katy Davis.

When Josh’s aunt pulls Carrie aside to reveal a secret Carrie finds herself in a quagmire. Aunt Em will also suffer if Carrie reveals her true identity.

Josh is leery of Katy Davis, never suspecting his aunt’s deception. Is Katy out to get the ranch? His attraction toward her grows, but he was once burned by a woman and swore, “Never again.”

Her secret threatens to destroy any love Josh has for her. Did she kill the drunk? Is the law looking for her?

Will God’s forgiveness help Carrie and Josh find true love and happiness?


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