CrossReads Short Takes: Scott and Jo vs. The Martians! & Where’s Chuckawalla Bill’s Cabin? 7/10/2024

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CrossReads Short Takes

Scott and Jo vs. The Martians!

(My Cousin the Atheist Book 2)

by Jeri Massi

Scott and Jo vs. The Martians

Thirteen year old Jo is proud that her parents have decided that she’s very responsible. And then her cousin Scott arrives. He says very little, understands electronics, and loves math. Is it at all possible that he is a robot? Jo isn’t sure, but Scott makes clear from the beginning that he’s a rational atheist. He and Jo share a passion for getting to the bottom of mysteries, so they end up working together, often while arguing. Comedy, adventure, and high calibre Christian content.

This series includes discussion of the classical Christian arguments on the evidences of God. Each book can be read independently, but parents may also want to read along to provide guidance, insight, and discussion.

In Book Two of the series, Scott and Jo confront Martian invaders. The entire family joins together to help the police chase the Martians out of Mayfair. A story with a lot of comedy, as the Martians seem more playful than dangerous. But darker forces are at work behind the scenes. This time it’s Jo who must come to the rescue, as Scott is trapped in a web of danger and deception.






Where’s Chuckawalla Bill’s Cabin?
A True Tale of Being Lost in the Hi-Desert
by Kevin Heaton
Where's Chuckawalla Bill's Cabin
Few adventurers have ever gone missing in the Joshua Tree National Park Wilderness Area, & lived to tell us their story.

How does one become so hopelessly lost? The answer to that question is revealed here in this true tale of despair, & perseverance. From the onset of this ill-fated walkabout, you will see what the author sees, & feel what he feels as, step by step, his precarious situation becomes increasingly desperate. Heaton is not likely to make it out of the desert alive, but you will find yourself hoping against hope that he does.

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