CrossReads Short Takes: Restoring the Locust Years & Unknown Angel 7/19/2023

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CrossReads Short Takes

Restoring the Locust Years

(Royal Skater Chronicles Book 4)

by Anne Perreault

Restoring the Locust Years

Jacqueline Chevalier has spent six years pretending to be someone else, never allowing herself to become close to anyone. After accepting a position with a veterinary clinic in rural Connecticut, she is faced with more obstacles. Terrified of more change in her life, she turns back to God to heal and restore her. Will she be able to fully trust Him again to lead her down a new path?

Dr. Peter McDonald has no use for his new mousy coworker. He is sure that she won’t make it in their physically taxing profession. Even though the sparks fly, when he gets to know her both professionally and personally, he starts to see her differently. Now he considers the possibility of a future with her. But how can he break through the walls she’s constructed?





Unknown Angel

Mail-order Bride Western Mystery

by Peggy McGee

Unknown Angel

Unknown Angel: Mail-order Bride Western Mystery

Colt Taylor, a dedicated U.S. marshal, was in the area visiting his recently widowed Aunt Ellie when he received word of a stagecoach holdup. On the bandit’s trail, he came across a severely injured, unconscious young woman whom he stopped to aid. Taking her to his aunt’s house to recuperate from her injuries and amnesia, he set out to find out the mystery behind her, while pursuing those who did this to her. Naming her ‘Angel’ because of her very blonde hair and light blue eyes, he became captivated with her, despite withholding any emotions due to being spurned in his younger past by another. However, as she gradually regained her memory, she realized that one of the bandits was closer to home than realized, endangering her. Upon confronting her, despite being smitten with her rescuer, Angel knew she had to flee for her own safety. Would she ever resolve who she was and feel safe again to seek out trustworthy reciprocal love? Until then, she knew that she would always be on the run.


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