CrossReads Short Takes: Out of the Mist & Note 2 Self

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CrossReads Short Takes

Out of the Mist

A Novel

(The Moses Trilogy Book 3)

by Susan J. Reinhardt

Out of the Mist

The story continues – Book 3 of The Moses Trilogy – Out of the Mist

Drive, determination, and an anti-Christian attitude mark Kendra Marshall. When she collides with Peter Gruber (a.k.a., Zimmerman) in a college hallway, she has no idea her life is about to take a sharp turn.

Dave Yoder’s geeky ways are a turnoff to the sophisticated, pre-med student. Undaunted by her brush-off, he works to capture her heart.

Peter’s family and friends see red flags in any relationship with the feisty young woman. Trouble is written all over her, but when she’s injured, they come to her rescue. They soon find she’s marked by The New Patriot organization and could blow their carefully-devised cover.

Once again, the Grubers’ (a.k.a., Zimmermans) Amish friends in Bird-in-Hand, PA, and Holmes County, Ohio, join in the race for answers and protection. Kendra’s not always cooperative and gets herself into major trouble.

Will a young woman accomplish what The New Patriots haven’t over the course of two decades?





Note 2 Self

Faithful Inspiration And Aspiration

by Daniel D. Talley

Note 2 Self

Every once in a while a book comes a long that inspires, encourages,
motivates, and makes you laugh. Note 2 Self: Faithful Inspiration and
Aspiration is thought-provoking and challenges you to determine
where you are in your relationship with God through a series of
entries the author calls poor man’s proverbs.

Take notes as you read through the book, pondering where you are
in your life with the inspiring goal of ultimately drawing closer to
your aspirations. It offers helpful hints on how to accomplish this
objective. You will find yourself saying “Hmm…” quite a bit.

Winding roads from whatever path—all walks of life upon which to
embark by God-given choices we all have. Faith, strength, endurance,
humor, and love are momentous elements needed to keep pace in this
challenging world. For believers and unbelievers alike, this inspired
work will invoke avid readers as God intended.


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