CrossReads Short Takes: Open Your Heart & The DollMakers Daughter

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CrossReads Short Takes

Open Your Heart

How to Use Your Creative Superpowers to Attract Love

by Beth McGuffin M.Ed. CLAC

Open Your Heart

Certified Love Attraction Coach™, Beth McGuffin, M.Ed., CLAC, combines her experiences in book writing and creativity coaching with love attraction coaching to guide you on a heart-opening journey as you tap into the creative superpowers that you may be unaware you possess. In “Open Your Heart: How to Use Your Creative Superpowers to Attract Love”, she holds your hand and walks you through enjoyable processes that allow you to create a tangible vision of love. The F.A.S.T. Creative Love Method supports you in loving and accepting yourself as you embrace the love the Divine had in mind when He designed you. You can finally stop struggling with loneliness and start allowing love and acceptance into your life as you learn first to love yourself and open your heart to receiving soulmate-level love with grace and ease.





The Dollmaker’s Daughter

by Izzy James

The Dollmaker's Daughter

Forgetful scientist Simon Morgan lost his chance with Amity Archer ten years ago. He knows there is no hope…until a sea captain trades a meal for an ancient stone reputed to have the power to give him his heart’s desire. Immediately after pocketing the stone, Simon runs into Amity. Did the ancient artifact cause this chance encounter or was it mere coincidence?

Like her favorite travel writer Mrs. Peabody, Amity Archer yearns for adventure, but she’s horrified when her father asks Simon Morgan to escort her on her first real adventure.

With Amity’s Aunt Clementine as a buffer between them, will Simon be able to prove that his love for Amity is real? Can Amity show Simon that her love for him has nothing to do with a so-called magical rock?


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