CrossReads Short Takes: Mistaken Murder and Small Town Status & Our Life’s Journey 9/22/2021

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CrossReads Short Takes

Mistaken Murder and Small Town Status

A Katy Cross Cozy Mystery Book 7

by KC Hart

Mistaken Murder and Small Town Status

Someone in Skeeterville has a serious beef with Hernando and it’s up to Katy to figure out who…

Sixty-thousand-dollar stud bull Hernando is shot in his pasture and falls on one of his owners, crushing him to death. Katy Cross, along with everyone else in Skeeterville, assumes the shooting (and deadly cow-tipping) are nothing more sinister than a tragic accident and a case of terrible luck.

Everyone else in Skeeterville, that is, except local Post Mistress Barbara Jean Nelson, who makes it her business to let everyone know she suspects foul play. Barbara Jean’s reputation as a hateful gossip proceeds her, however, and no one takes her accusations seriously… until she is attacked at the post office, barely escaping with her life.

With one of Hernando’s owners in the grave, and the only person who suspected foul play in the hospital, Katy decides it’s time to take the bull by the horns. Can she find the true murderer and uncover their connection to the dead cash cow?

Join Katy Cross and her friends and family in Skeeterville as they work together to solve this latest mystery. This Christian cozy mystery contains no gore, sex, or foul language, but is full of humor and southern small town charm.





Our Life’s Journey

The Past/The Present/The Future

by Donavon D Campbell

Our Life's Journey

Our Life’s Journey was designed through the inspiration of a Caribbean couple wanting to share a different and exciting personal experience. It targets a variety of audiences, including young adults, families, couples, and seniors.

When Donavon and Samantha Campbell heard the phrase “from nightmare to sweet dreams” while listening to their youth pastor, Michelle Clarke, preach her first sermon, they were motivated and empowered to make this book a reality. It will remind the readers there is hope and a bright future ahead, despite struggles and disappointments. They were further inspired by a co-worker’s statement that if anyone wants to experience growth or success, he or she must “do uncomfortable things to achieve goals in life.”

Our Life’s Journey identifies challenging topics, such as understanding love, dealing with life’s transitions, overcoming health and environmental struggles, discovering how to keep a positive mindset despite the negatives, and learning to fully depend on God’s help in life.

The authors hope that every reader of this inspired book will be motivated to accomplish their heart’s desires and expand on their talents . . . let’s GO!


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