CrossReads Short Takes: Matter Of Life And Death & The Sentimental Journey

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CrossReads Short Takes

Matter Of Life And Death

by Brian Tate

Matter Of Life And Death

Officer Christina Rose reflects on her prior experiences in patrol, giving perspective to the matter of life and death she’s now presented with.

This captivating short story also cultivates discussion and debate on several hot topics. Use of deadly force, life and choice, legality and morality, sacrifice and safety, and consequences and destiny just to name a few. Perfect for debate teams; government, literature, and comp classes; book clubs; and criminal justice and police academy courses.
The story includes discussion topics and the details for the free quarterly essay contest.





The Sentimental Journey: A Novel

by Tammy Sinclair

The Sentimental Journey

Kara Michaels could have gone on living her simple, solitary life if it wasn’t for her insatiable curiosity. And of course, the old trunk in the attic. When an antique watch catches her eye, she is suddenly thrust back in time – and onto the homefront of WWII.

Kara is terrified until the family residing in her home takes her under their wing. Soon, their enlisted son returns for a visit and she finds herself instantly drawn toward him. But their time together can’t last.

While she and Jerry face being parted by war, she has to decide where she belongs. Although she’s learning to feel at home in this new world, she knows it’s not truly hers. Is she willing to stay, even if Jerry can never return?
As Kara wrestles with uncertainty, she longs for the same faith she sees in Jerry and his family, but with so many questions, it’s hard to completely trust.

Especially when she has to hold tight to her strange secret alone.


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